Where Are Rodgers White Gas Valves Available for Purchase?


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White-Rodgers gas valves can be purchased online at Johnstone Supply or Amazon, as of 2015. Johnstone Supply carries popular types of White-Rodgers gas valves, including combination gas control, intermittent ignition, cycle pilot and standing pilot. Both shops also carry the White-Rodgers universal gas valve.

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Installing a new gas valve requires basic plumbing skills. Before proceeding with the installation, it's important to turn the power off to the unit. The next step involves removing wires attached to the old valve. The new valve must have the same type of terminals as the one being replaced. Installing the pilot tube requires paying careful attention to ensuring that there are no leaks. The new gas valve is commonly tested for leaking gas by turning off the gas leading to the pilot light. Once the pilot safety is turned off, there shouldn't be any flames. If the gas valve passes the leak test after installation, it's okay to set the firing rate.

Sometimes it's necessary to shut off a gas valve when there is a gas leak, major construction or to prevent a leak from occurring. Typically, the gas valve is located outside and has a long handle attached above it. The handle turns the valve in the on or off position. It's okay for homeowners to shut the valve off, but only a licensed service technician can turn it back on.

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