How Do Roaches Get in My Home?


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Unsuspecting individuals most often carry roaches and their eggs into homes, explains HowStuffWorks. Roaches can also enter homes through drains, cracks under doors and electrical openings in walls. While people associate cockroaches with filthy living spaces, they enter even the cleanest dwellings for food, water and shelter.

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How Do Roaches Get in My Home?
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Most of the time, people have no idea they are bringing cockroaches into the home, according to Horizon Pest Control. Cockroaches can burrow into the seam of a paper grocery bag or under a flap of a cardboard box. They may wriggle into luggage, purse or briefcase linings. Their eggs can be tracked into homes on shoes or clothing.

Regardless of their entry method, once spotted, it is important to eradicate them, notes HowStuffWorks. They seek food, water and shelter. Removing those resources helps ensure that they do not return.

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