Why Do Roaches Enter Homes?


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The main reason roaches enter the home is to seek warmth, dry air, water, and food. A roach can crawl into the house through pipes and tiny cracks in walls in order to escape the outside elements.

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Roaches are incredibly adaptable and do not need much to survive. In most cases, they are transported inside in items such as bags, boxes and suitcases. They also lay their eggs in these items, which can cause an infestation. Leaving food on countertops or on the floor may also attract roaches in the home.

Homeowners can avoid infestations by checking any type of container they bring inside. It is also helpful to wash clothing and suitcases after a vacation or trip to keep any eggs from hatching.

If there is a roach infestation, homeowners can use a roach bait or spray to kill live roaches and their eggs. Serious infestations may require a professional exterminator.

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