How Do You Roach Proof?


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Roach proofing a home takes a variable amount of time depending on the messiness of the home and the size of its rooms. To roach proof your home, you need access to cleaning supplies of your choice and glass or plastic containers.

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  1. Clean up, and contain any trash

    Examine the rooms in your home and look for any trash cans that are usually left open. Make sure these cans are closed up properly. Additionally, if you have any loose trash in your home, throw it out in closed cans. Open trash cans are a major attraction for roach infestations.

  2. Wipe down hard to reach areas

    Use cleaning materials of your choosing to wipe down places that are hard to reach, like the floor behind appliances or the area underneath your baseboards. Crumbs and food particles in hard to reach areas can support roaches.

  3. Seal your food

    Collect any unfinished food that you would like to save. Place the food inside of glass or plastic containers with lids that seal. Make sure the seals on the containers are air-tight before putting the food away.

  4. Repair plumbing and wipe up leaks

    Roaches are attracted to water. Look around your house for any standing water. If you find water, wipe it up, and attempt to repair the source of the leak.

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