How Do You Rip up a Carpet?


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Remove carpet from a room by preparing the space, wearing protective gear, detaching the carpet from the tack strip and folding the carpet back on itself. Cut the carpet and carpet pad into 3-foot strips for removal, and use a floor scraper to remove any staples.

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  1. Prepare the space

    Remove any doors that open into the room. Make sure the space is free of any furnishing before beginning the removal process.

  2. Wear protective gear

    Put on work gloves to product your hands. Carpet removal creates a great deal of dust, so put on a mask if you are sensitive.

  3. Detach the carpet

    Use a pair of pliers and pull the carpet away from the tack strip in one corner of the room. Grasp the loose corner, and pull the carpet away from the tack strip along one wall. Pull along each of the other walls until you are able to fold about 3 feet of carpet back over itself.

  4. Cut the carpet into strips

    Use a utility knife with a new blade to cut through the back of the carpet. Roll the cut carpet into a compact unit for removal. Loosen another 3 feet from the walls and repeat the process until all the carpet is cut into strips.

  5. Remove the padding

    Cut the padding into 3-foot sections, roll, and remove it from the room. The process leaves the staples that held the padding in place. Remove the staples using a flat-bladed floor scraper.

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