How Do You Find the Right Cover for Your Spa?


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To find the right cover for a spa, carefully measure the spa's dimensions so that the cover fits snugly. Spa covers feature a variety of options, like thickness, materials and stitching, and a variety of price points so the owner must prioritize essential features based on their preferences and budget.

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How Do You Find the Right Cover for Your Spa?
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Spa covers come in varying thicknesses. When choosing a spa cover, think about how much insulation the spa cover needs. If the spa is in a northern climate, it needs more insulation in the spa cover to insulate the spa's water from cold and snow. The spa cover must be strong enough to withstand rain and snow without sagging. For extra protection in cold climates an underside system drains steam back into the spa to prevent water from collecting in the spa cover.

Various amounts of stitching provide spa covers with resistance against wear and tear, so consider how much pulling and everyday use the spa cover must withstand. If the spa has an unusual feature, like speakers or a waterfall, the spa cover must be a special shape to accommodate the feature.

Most spa covers are made from vinyl and manufacturers offer varying types of vinyl that the spa owner must choose from. Some types of vinyl spa covers offer protection from ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, to choose a spa cover, the owner must decide among colors and a variety of other cosmetic options.

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