What Are Riello Burners for Oil Furnaces?


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Riello burners for oil furnaces, such as the Riello 40 series, are devices that burn heating oil to generate heat. Riello oil burners adhere to a worldwide high-quality standard and provide features such as low power consumption, fuel-efficiency and durability.

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The Riello 40 series of burners for oil furnaces is available in five models. These oil burners provide a heat output ranging from 70,000 BTUs to 896,000 BTUs per hour and function at nearly 90 percent efficiency. Riello oil burners control heat loss by using an air shutter that prevents air from entering the burner when it is not running.

The Riello 40 oil burners feature acoustic insulation and a thick-gauge metal construction which makes them quiet. The burners feature pre-wired control sub bases to ensure that installation and repair are as simple as possible. The controls allow for a five-second safety shutoff and a 10-second pre-purge cycle.

Riello oil burners have high-speed motors that are thermally protected and fully sealed. This results in low power usage and improves efficiency. The burners are compact and light and have high-static pressure combustion heads so that they burn cleanly. They also have permanent split capacitor motors that allow for an automatic reset if thermal overload occurs and a fuel pump that reduces the risk of coupling failure.

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