How Does Riddex Pest Control Work?


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Riddex Sonic Plus pest repellers are supposed to work by plugging a device into an electric wall socket and then sending a frequency throughout the walls of a home. The frequency purportedly keeps pests away, including mice, rats and cockroaches. It is 100 percent safe for children, electronics and most pets, according to Riddex Pulse.

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Riddex Plus lists in its features that it protects multiple rooms of a house, apartment or condominium without using chemicals, poisons or traps, and it can protect approximately 1,060 square feet of space.

While Riddex claims that its product is very effective at driving away pests, mixed user reviews challenge the claim that the product works. Riddex has an overall review score of two out of five stars at Consumer Affairs, as of December 2015. Many reviews state that the products simply don't work. Others complain additionally that they've been unable to secure a refund from the company. More user reviews from Complaints Board also challenge the efficacy of Riddex Plus, whose parent company isn't accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

There are two positively rated reviews at Consumer Affairs for Riddex products. One of them gives a five star rating without having tried the product, and the other reports that the product works.

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