How Do You Rid a Yard of Moles?

rid-yard-moles Credit: sauletas/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Rid your yard of moles by choosing the right time, laying traps for the moles, placing buckets over the traps and moving the traps regularly. You need mole-specific traps and a bucket for each one.

  1. Choose the right time

    The best time to rid your yard of moles is during the spring or fall when the temperature is not overly hot but the ground is no longer frozen. These are the most active seasons for moles, making them more likely to trigger a trap.

  2. Read the instructions

    Purchase traps made specifically for moles. Read the manufacturer's instructions to learn how to set up the traps properly and where to place them. For instance, some traps need to be placed in the tunnel to be effective.

  3. Set up the traps

    Lay the traps in or next to a mole's tunnel.

  4. Place a bucket over each trap

    Place a bucket over each trap to keep other animals from damaging it.

  5. Check the traps

    Check the traps regularly to see if the moles have been caught.

  6. Move the traps daily

    If the traps have not been triggered after a day, move them to different locations. Repeat this process until you have succeeded in ridding your yard of moles.