How Do You Get Rid of Woodpeckers?


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Homeowners can prevent damage to their homes caused by woodpeckers by calling an exterminator to eliminate the small insects that live in the wood of their homes. Carpenter bees and other insects that live in the wood provide food for woodpeckers. Once their food is gone, the birds move elsewhere for their diet. Other deterrents include installing shiny objects or plastic birds of prey.

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Shiny objects, including reflective Mylar tape or pinwheels, can be placed as deterrents near the areas where woodpeckers forage for food or hollow out nests. Mylar tape creates flashes of light along with noises that the birds find unpleasant. While nylon windsocks do not reflect light, the noise they produce in the wind also encourages the birds to move elsewhere.

Many hardware stores sell large plastic owls or hawks. Since these birds prey on woodpeckers, installing them on the roof scares away woodpeckers temporarily. However, the woodpeckers quickly learn the plastic birds are less-frightening than they look and return to the area.

Before attempting to get rid of woodpeckers, homeowners should be aware that they are a protected species. Individuals caught killing woodpeckers or removing their eggs from a nest are subject to a fine and jail time under the Migratory Bird Act.

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