How Do You Get Rid of a Woodpecker on Your House?


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Removal from a house is accomplished by redirecting woodpeckers to a nearby location or by making the area less enticing. Redirection involves providing a nearby source for what they are seeking, which is generally insects or a place to nest. The home can be made less enticing by placing objects around it that scare the woodpecker. The Migratory Bird Act prohibits injuring or capturing a woodpecker.

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Woodpeckers peck on homes to find food, create a nest or attract a mate. Suet, mealworms and jelly are food sources that the homeowner can place in the nearby landscape to distract the woodpecker from the insects and larvae found on a home's wooden structure. Woodpecker houses can be placed near the bird's drill sites to provide a ready-made nesting location. If the pecking is to attract a mate, providing the opportunity to peck on a dead stump in the landscape may encourage the woodpecker to leave the house alone.

Woodpeckers can be scared away from a home by placing shiny, reflective objects near areas where they love to peck. Any kind of movement can scare the woodpecker away, so windsocks and pinwheels are effective tools for making the home less attractive. However, once the woodpecker becomes acclimated to the object, it may cease to achieve the desired effect. Objects should be moved around from time to time to keep the woodpecker away.

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