How Do You Get Rid of Wood Roaches in Your House?

To get rid of wood roaches, sanitize the home, eliminate food and water sources, and use baits, sprays and insect growth regulators to keep them from reproducing. Roaches multiply rapidly and live for long periods of time without food, necessitating aggressive control on the part of homeowners.

Sanitizing the home and eliminating any food sources are important to roach control and eradication. Clean all kitchen appliances, cabinets and other areas. Store food in sealed containers, and limit the consumption of food to one area of the home. Vacuum all non-food areas every few days, and clean the kitchen each night, including the floors, countertops and dishes.

Eliminate water sources by fixing any sweating or leaking pipes, and dry the sinks, showers and tubs after use. Place pet dishes outside at night, and seal toothbrushes in bags. Seal off crevices and cracks with caulk, and ensure the window and door frames of the home have tight seals.

Use insecticide sprays to kill active roaches, and then use bait to entice hidden roaches out. Add an insect growth regulator to your regimen to prevent active roaches from repopulating.

Wood roaches generally live outdoors and do not come into homes unless they follow a female who wanders indoors during mating season or make their way inside attached to firewood. To prevent infestations, inspect firewood before bringing it indoors, and keep the home clean and free of any sources of food for stray wood roaches.