How Do You Get Rid of Winged Termites in Your House?


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Bug zappers, liquid termiticides and baiting systems are effective ways of getting rid of flying termites. However, flying termites are typically a sign of a larger, active termite colony that must be stamped out.

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The first step is to accurately identify that the pest is a flying termite; they are often confused with flying ants. The defining characteristics are the wings and the number of body segments. Flying termites have two-segment bodies and two identical sets of long wings. Flying ants have three-segment bodies and two sets of different sized wings, a large and a small.

Once identified, the next step is to find the colony location. Things to look for include mud tubes or tracks that burrow into the ground and are typically found in dark, damp areas with direct access to wood. Suggested locations are basements and cracks in the home's foundation or on the underside of a home's siding.

Bug zappers are an ideal treatment for flying termite colonies outside of the home. These pests are attracted to light, so placing a zapper as close to the colony as possible and eliminating any decorative or other outdoor lighting effectively breaks down a colony. Liquid termiticide sprays and baiting systems should be applied to the tracks and mud tubes to extinguish the colony in its entirety.

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