How Do You Get Rid of White Powder Mold Growing on Plants Using a Vinegar Mixture?

To get rid of white powdery mildew on plants, create a solution of acetic acid vinegar and water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle, and apply it in the morning every week. You also need a face mask, latex gloves, goggles and a wooden spoon.

  1. Create the solution

    Pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of 5 percent acetic acid vinegar, such as organic apple cider vinegar, into a bucket containing 1 gallon of water. While acetic acid concentrations greater than 5 percent are effective, higher acidity levels may burn plant parts.

  2. Stir the mixture

    With a wooden spoon, stir the vinegar and water solution until it is thoroughly mixed.

  3. Pour into a spray bottle

    Carefully pour the solution into a standard spray bottle.

  4. Prepare for mildew removal

    Prevent breathing in mildew spores by wearing an N-95 face mask, which is found at most home-improvement stores. Wear rubber or latex gloves to avoid touching mildew-covered leaves. Wear ventilation-free goggles to prevent spores from entering your eyes.

  5. Apply directly on affected plant parts

    In the morning, liberally apply the solution directly to the plant. Focus on the underside of leaves and along the plant interior. Saturate infected areas, and spray along the ground near the plant.