How Do You Get Rid of White Ants?


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To get rid of termites, or white ants, identify the species of termite present, remove food and water sources near the home, and place screens over vents on the exterior of the home. Locate the termite's entry points into the home, and apply salty water, orange oil or neem oil to the colony and the infested wood. If subterranean termites are present, apply beneficial nematodes to the soil to kill the termite larvae.

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Move stored wood, such as lumber or firewood, away from the home, and remove dead stumps and other plant matter, including mulch, to reduce the termites' available food sources. To eliminate water sources, seal water pipe entry points, clean the gutters, and eliminate any standing water around the home.

To kill termites with salt water, mix equal parts salt and warm water. Inject the solution into the infested wood, and pour the solution onto the soil directly below the infested areas of the home. When using neem or orange oil, apply the oil directly to the affected wood.

Repeat applications of the chosen product are often necessary to eliminate the termite colony. If the infestation is severe or covers a large area, contact a pest control professional, as the most effective termite control products aren't available to homeowners.

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