How Do You Get Rid of Water Moccasins?

Water moccasins, also known as cottonmouths, are highly venomous. If they already infest a property, the best way to get rid of them is to call professional snake removers. Preventive measures to keep them from returning include sealing cracks around the home, eliminating possible food sources, removing hiding places on the property and installing snake-proof fencing.

To prevent snakes from entering a house, caulk or net foundation cracks as well as pipe and cable holes. To eliminate possible habitats, trim shrubs and trees and keep grass short. Logs, piles of rocks, stacks of wood, mulch and other debris should be kept away from the house. Exterminating rats, mice and other pests cuts off the snakes' food supply. Water moccasins are aquatic creatures, preferring marshes, swamps, creeks, and the shores of ponds and lakes. Draining and drying stagnant water around the property is helpful.

A snake-proof fence is built of 1/4-inch mesh wire screening. It should be dug 6 inches underground, be built up 30 inches and slant outward at a 30-degree angle. It needs to be built around the entire property, including the gates. Alternatively, aluminum flashing, hardware cloth or wire mesh can be used to modify the bottom of an existing fence to make it snake-proof.