How Do You Get Rid of Water Bugs in a Pool?

Proper pool maintenance, including chlorinating the pool and cleaning the sides and bottom of the pool, helps to eliminate bugs in the water. An algaecide may be used to aid in the removal of the insects.

To remove bugs living in the pool, it is necessary to remove the algae that the insects eat. Begin by shocking the pool with chlorine, and allow the chlorine levels to return to normal. Typically, shocking the pool requires the addition of 1 pound of chlorine per 10,000 gallons of water. Double shocking the pool may be necessary if the infestation is difficult to manage. To double shock the pool, add two bags of chlorine per 10,000 gallons of water.

Use an algaecide to remove the insect's food source and wait 12 hours. After the algaecide has been applied, clean the pool thoroughly. Scrub the sides of the pool with a firm brush, and use an automated pool vacuum to help remove any remaining algae in the pool. Skim the pool daily and immediately after rain or wind that blows debris into the pool.

If algae is growing on damp surfaces nearby, clean the surrounding pool deck with chlorine bleach or another approved cleaner, and install high-pressure sodium vapor lights to prevent infestations in the future. If live bugs are caught in the pool skimmer, place them in a bucket that contains water and vegetable oil, and then cover the bucket to eliminate the insects.