How Do You Get Rid of Voles in Your Lawn?

How Do You Get Rid of Voles in Your Lawn?

Voles leave trails through the lawn, damage trees and eat root crops. You have several options for dealing with these pests. Begin with a repellent, and if it is unsuccessful, try mouse traps. If neither of these solves your problem, your options become limited to using more hazardous materials.

  1. Use a repellent

    Use a commercially available thiram-based vole repellent. Rain or lawn irrigation dissolves the repellent and washes it away, so reapply frequently. Other potential products to repel the voles include those made of fox or coyote urine, available at trapper supply houses. Use urine-based repellents in the garden where thiram-based ones aren't recommended. Burying a hardware cloth cage several inches deep around young trees deters voles from chewing on the bark.

  2. Install traps

    Voles are small enough that wooden mousetraps are effective. Bait the trap with peanut butter, and locate it along the vole runs. Place a box over the trap to prevent injury to children, small pets or other wildlife.

  3. Resort to poisons

    If repellents and traps fail to solve the vole problem, the next step is using a vole poison. Zinc phosphide-based gopher poisons or rodent poison, designed for use in the house, are effective against voles. Reduce the danger to pets and children by placing the poison in the entry to the vole run.