How Do You Get Rid of Voles?

How Do You Get Rid of Voles?

Though there are several methods for ridding a landscape of voles, the simplest technique is to remove debris that encourages their presence. A lawn mower, weed trimmer, rake and garbage bags are necessary for this task. The time required depends upon the size of the area.

  1. Trim the grass

    Voles prefer to remain hidden. Trim grass low to remove the vole's cover on the runways created from the burrow to plants. Runways can be recognized by furrows created in the grass from vole traffic and from the voles eating the grass.

  2. Eliminate weeds and tall ground cover

    Use a weed trimmer to remove weeds from the area, and avoid planting tall ground cover. Voles can escape detection in these areas.

  3. Rake mulch back from plants

    Rake mulch back from the base of plants or trees at least 3 feet. Deep layers of mulch provide cover for the vole. It will use this cover for protection while it eats the root system of the plant or the bark of the tree.

  4. Pick up fallen fruit, needles and leaves

    Gather or rake fallen fruit, needles or leaves from the ground. These items are sources of food for the vole and encourage its presence.

  5. Remove any sheltering debris

    Inspect the area for wood piles or other material that provide shelter for the vole. Remove the material from the area.