How Do I Get Rid of Vine Weed?


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The best method to get rid of vine weed depends on the particular situation. The three basic ways of dealing with vines that are weeds are physically removing them, spraying them with herbicides or treating the stems. Depending on the severity of the problem, a combination of methods may be needed. Because weedy vines grow fast, dealing with them as soon as possible is recommended.

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Physically removing the weeds is best done when the soil is soft and moist. When removing the weeds, it is important to ensure that as much of the below-ground roots, bulbs, tubers or rhizomes are removed as possible. Regular removal of the vines should be enough to keep occasional seedlings and milder infestations under control.

The second way to remove vine weeds is to use herbicide. When spraying vines with herbicide, it is important that the spray does not get on any surrounding foliage. The herbicide should be applied so that the vine is thoroughly covered with no runoff into the ground.

More serious vine infestations should be dealt with by treating the stems. This method involves cutting the vine off a few inches above the ground and applying a commercial herbicide to the freshly cut stump.

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