How Do You Get Rid of Unwanted Birds?


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Get rid of unwanted birds by first removing their food and water sources and denying them access to suitable nesting areas. If these steps do not fully repel the birds, use repellents, sound makers or bird frightening devices to scare the pests away. Drastic measures include removing nests, trapping birds and transporting them away, but these require professional intervention to ensure they are carried out legally and as humanely as possible.

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For minor pest birds, the easiest and most effective way to deter them is to make your yard or garden an undesirable place for birds to be. For yards, remove any bird or pet feeders, and collect fruits and nuts that fall from trees. Likewise, remove water sources such as pet dishes, bird baths and fountains. Make it difficult for birds to access fruit and vegetable plants by covering them with protective netting.

Repel birds using several strips of aluminum foil suspended from a string or piece of fishing line. The shiny foil and the metallic sound it produces as it moves in the wind irritate many birds, who avoid these homemade devices. Decoy predators, such as snakes and raptors, can also scare unwanted birds away. When using decoy predators, make sure to move the decoys regularly, as birds can eventually realize the plastic and rubber animals are no threat.

Noisemakers, such as propane cannons or special recordings of predatory birds, can also scare birds away. Keep in mind that you and your neighbors have to listen to these as well, and that very loud noisemakers, such as propane cannons, may violate local noise ordinances.

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