How Do I Get Rid of Tree Frogs?


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The best way to get rid of tree frogs is to remove the resources that are attracting them to a property. It is not advised or legal in many situations to kill tree frogs, so discouraging their presence is the only legal and viable option. Tree frogs are endangered in many parts of the world, so excluding them should not harm them in any way.

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Tree frogs require several things to survive. They need a steady diet of nutritious insects, plenty of moisture, a water source to breed in and plenty of tall trees or walls to climb. It is almost impossible to remove the insects from an outdoor area, and it is difficult to dry out an area or remove large trees. Accordingly, the best way to discourage the persistence of tree frogs is by removing any standing water sources near their perches. This includes swimming pools, garden ponds and items that may contain only a small amount of water, such as buckets.

Alternatively, an increase in the number of predators may reduce the local tree frog population. The most frequent predators of tree frogs are snakes and predatory birds. Large birds such as crows are particularly effective predators of frogs.

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