How Do You Get Rid of Torpedo Grass?

How Do You Get Rid of Torpedo Grass?

Torpedo grass is a quick-growing grass species that isn't suitable for landscaping. To get rid of unsightly torpedo grass, chop it up, spread material over it, use herbicide and reseed the area. Items needed to remove the grass include a lawn mower, shovel or hoe, newspaper or drop cloth, bricks and grass seed.

  1. Chop up the grass

    Use a mower to cut the grass down to a manageable length. Chop up the grass by cutting it with a hoe or shovel. Destroy as much of the roots as possible.

  2. Spread a drop cloth over the grass

    Spread a drop cloth or newspaper over the grass and place bricks or rocks on the edges to keep the material. This traps in the heat and kills the grass. Leave the cloth in place for up to a month until there are no new buds growing underneath.

  3. Apply herbicide

    For especially tenacious patches of torpedo grass, apply herbicide to the area. Make sure to use an herbicide that is especially produced to get rid of torpedo grass.

  4. Reseed the area

    Seed the area with the preferred species of grass as soon as possible to keep the torpedo grass from taking over again.