How Do You Get Rid of Tiny Moths in the Food Pantry?


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To get rid of moths in the pantry, examine the cans and bottles in the pantry to find moth webs and larval sacs. Moth eggs are usually white or brown, and they are often laid underneath the jar lids or inside the crevice around the top of cans. Wash these using warm soapy water and a brush instead of throwing out the food. Throw out all opened foods, such as flour or cereal.

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Moths often lay eggs in opened foods, so discard those items. Alternatively, freeze the items to prevent eggs from hatching and eat the foods afterward. Take everything out of the pantry, and clean it thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner to remove moths and cocoons. Scrub the pantry's surfaces with hot soapy water, and wipe them down using a cloth dipped into a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and warm water. Optionally, add peppermint oil to the solution to prevent future infestations.

Wash the storage containers that have been in the pantry with warm water and soap. Even if you kept the containers closed at all times and there are no eggs inside them, there still may be some on the outside. Take the trash out of the house once everything is clean and the infested foods are in the trash. It may be a good idea to wait a few weeks before putting everything back in the pantry.

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