How Do You Get Rid of Termites Yourself?

How Do You Get Rid of Termites Yourself?

Beneficial nematodes, boric acid and citrus oil that contains d-limonene can be used to get rid of termites. Removing food and water sources, such as damp mulch, around the home is recommended. Treatment may be continued on a regular basis until the colony is completely eliminated.

  1. Remove food and water sources

    To ensure treatment is successful, trim hedges, remove mulch and eliminate any standing water around the perimeter of the home.

  2. Apply beneficial nematodes

    Purchase beneficial nematodes from a local home and garden supply store, and apply them according to the directions on the packaging.

  3. Treat wood with citrus oil or boric acid

    To treat drywood termites, choose an orange oil with a high concentration of d-limonene, and apply the oil to the affected wood. The orange oil can be applied with a pump sprayer or by drilling holes into the infested wood and pouring the oil into the hole. Other species of termites, such as subterranean termites, can be treated by drilling holes in the infested wood and spraying boric acid into the holes. Reapply the chosen treatment as needed to control the infestation.

  4. Maintain a treatment schedule

    Inspect the foundation and crawlspace of the home regularly for signs of termite activity, and reapply the chosen product as recommended on the product packaging.