How Do You Get Rid of Strong Mold Odor in the House?

rid-strong-mold-odor-house Credit: Images Bazaar/Images Bazaar/Getty Images

Get rid of a strong mold odor by eliminating any leaks, drying the air and cleaning the surfaces. Mold continues to grow as long as the surfaces remain wet.

Dripping faucets and water leaks provide the moisture mold spores need to grow. If a tub or shower fixture is leaking, replace the washers or mixer valve to stop the leak.

In rooms where the humidity remains high, consider installing a dehumidifier. These machines remove several quarts of liquid from the air every day, and they are particularly effective in basements. Keep the humidity levels below 50 percent to decrease mold growth.

Use a boric acid or vinegar solution to scrub walls and other surfaces where mold grows. Be careful not to add too much moisture to the walls when cleaning because excess cleaning solution will encourage more growth.