How Do You Get Rid of Static in Clothes?


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To get rid of static cling in clothes, use low-heat laundry methods to fluff or dry laundry. For static in clothes you are wearing, use a small amount of lotion to remove electrical charge.

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  1. Use dryer balls

    Dryer balls are a chemical-free way of reducing the amount of static build-up that occurs in the dryer. Add dryer balls to laundry as it dries, or place static-filled laundry in the dryer with a few dryer balls, and tumble the items on a low setting. Do not over-dry laundry, as this can create static cling.

  2. Hang laundry to dry

    To prevent static before it starts, hang laundry to dry on a clothes line or clothes rack. This is particularly helpful for synthetic fabrics that tend to be more susceptible to static charge. For sweaters and other materials that tend to stretch, lay the items flat to dry on a dry towel rather than hanging them.

  3. Wear lotion

    To get rid of static in clothes you are wearing, put a small amount of lotion on your hands, and rub it in well. Then lightly rub your hands over your clothing, and even hair, where static is a problem. Wearing lotion on the skin also prevents static cling.

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