How do you get rid of squirrels in your garden?


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Ways to get rid of squirrels infiltrating a garden including putting up a fence and using one or more animal repellents. A family pet such as a dog or cat can be a natural squirrel deterrent in some instances. Another tactic is to entice squirrels with food.

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Gardeners can keep pesky squirrels from ruining garden plants and vegetables by making it uncomfortable for the animals to be in or near the garden. One tactic is to set up an automatic sprinkler system, which operates with motion sensors. Another approach is to use a system that sets off high-frequency noises when triggered by the movement of squirrels. Some gardeners turn to planting strong-smelling crops such as chili peppers and garlic. Another strong-smelling squirrel repellent is animal urine.

Some species of dogs such as the rat terrier are natural hunters of squirrels, which makes them a good choice as a garden guard dog. Some cats also enjoy chasing squirrels, and one or two felines hanging around the garden may be all that is needed for protection. If pets are not an option, another way to solve the problem is to enclose the garden inside wire fencing. Raised garden beds work well with wire fencing. Alternatively, squirrels can be lured to certain spots by strategically placed feeders containing sunflower seeds.

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