How Do You Get Rid of Squirrels?


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The most common four ways of dealing with squirrels are trapping, exclusion, prevention and repellents. The trapping method uses a small trap with sunflower seeds or peanut butter as bait. Once trapped, the squirrel can be safely relocated.

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How Do You Get Rid of Squirrels?
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Exclusion involves installing one-way exclusion devices on the squirrels' primary entry and exit holes into a house. Once the squirrels leave, they cannot return.

Prevention includes finding all the possible entry holes into a home and sealing them. It also involves using Ropel spray or habanero sauce to prevent the squirrels from chewing on a house.

One way to get rid of squirrels from a garden is to save lemon and orange rinds in the freezer during winter and bury them in the garden just below the surface in the spring. These may discourage the squirrels from digging.

Other things that repel squirrels from a garden include cloves of garlic near spring bulbs, human or dog hair scattered around the garden, blood meal sprinkled around the garden, and cayenne pepper or garlic powder sprinkled on the soil when plants are beginning to bloom. Placing bird feeders at least 8 feet from the ground and away from any structures or trees may prevent squirrels from reaching them.

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