How Do You Get Rid of Squash Bugs?


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Although there are numerous ways to get rid of squash bugs, the easiest way is to set a trap crop that tricks the bugs into revealing their presence. Squash seeds and wood or cardboard are required to set the trap. The trap requires under 30 minutes of planting time and 3 to 4 weeks for squash growth and bug removal.

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  1. Plant a trap crop

    Plant an early crop of squash. This early squash crop is not intended for harvest. It is a decoy that draws the bugs in for removal. Since it is the only squash crop available at the time, it will likely draw in most of the squash bugs in the area.

  2. Place wood or cardboard under the crop

    Once the squash plants begin to spread, put a piece of cardboard or wood underneath the vines at the base of the plant.

  3. Inspect under the wood or cardboard for bugs

    Check underneath the wood or cardboard every week. Inspect the soil for squash bugs or their eggs. The bugs resemble stink bugs, but they are slightly smaller. The eggs are shiny, oval and copper-colored.

  4. Remove the bugs or eggs

    Gather the bugs or eggs from the soil, and dispose of them in a trash receptacle to prevent reinfestation.

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