How Do You Get Rid of Springtails in Your House?


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Look for areas of excessive moisture in the home. Apply dust insect repellent to the affected areas, and remove moisture from the home so the springtails will not return.

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How Do You Get Rid of Springtails in Your House?
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  1. Check possible infestation areas

    Springtails are attracted to moist areas of the home. Check underneath sinks or in the basement to determine if the area is high in water content. Leaks around light fixtures and windows are also appealing spots for springtails. The insects may also be attracted to concrete slabs.

  2. Apply dust repellent

    Once you find the insects, apply a light dusting of Delta Dust to the affected area. The dust can reach 6 feet deep into walls and under cabinets. If the springtails are infesting concrete slab, they must be treated the same way termites are treated.

  3. Prevent another infestation

    Prevent springtails from coming into your home again by eliminating moisture under sinks and in cracks of the home. Sealing these areas or replacing the pipes may be necessary.

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