How Do You Get Rid of Spiders Naturally?


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To get rid of spiders naturally, use diatomaceous earth and glue traps inside the home, and eliminate areas where spiders may hide. Outdoors, remove webs manually, and remove any debris on the property that shelters spiders.

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Glue traps are a non-toxic option to capture spiders inside the home. Place the glue traps in basements and other infested areas, and monitor the traps for signs of spider activity. If spiders are present, apply food-grade diatomaceous earth along the baseboards, in corners and under furnishings in the room. Replace the diatomaceous earth after vacuuming, and avoid inhaling the powder while applying it.

Outdoors, mow lawns frequently and keep items, such as thick mulch and stacks of wood, away from the sides of the home. Yellow lights should be used outdoors to prevent attracting spiders and their prey to the property, and all cracks and crevices should be tightly sealed to prevent spiders from entering the home. Remove visible webs on exterior walls frequently, and keep crawlspaces clean to prevent spiders in the home.

Spiders often live in dark, undisturbed areas of the home. Cleaning and organizing storage spaces, closets, basements and other unused areas of the home is an effective way to reduce spider populations. Vacuum storage areas frequently to remove any spiders, spider webs or egg sacks that are present.

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