How Do You Get Rid of Spiders in a House?

Insecticide sprays, glue traps and regular cleaning and maintenance of the home are necessary to eliminate spiders. A professional exterminator may be required if the infestation is severe.

To eliminate spiders, place glue traps in various areas around the home to identify areas where spiders are most active. Apply a residual spray to areas where large numbers of spiders are captured by the glue traps, and spray live spiders directly with an insecticide spray to kill them. Residual sprays should also be sprayed on baseboards and in storage areas. Sprays that contain pyrethroids are recommended for spider control. Choose a spray that is specifically designed for use indoors.

It is also necessary to modify the environment to eliminate spiders in the home. Spiders often prefer dark areas, such as attics or basements, and may be found in storage areas. To prevent and remove spiders, clean closets and other dark, unused areas frequently. Vacuum any spider webs, egg sacks or live spiders found in the home, and remove spider webs from the exterior of the home using a high-pressure garden sprayer.

Large infestations of spiders may require contacting a professional exterminator for assistance. If spiders are present in crawlspaces, a professional exterminator is recommended to prevent introducing pesticides into the heating and cooling system. Avoid using foggers or other rapid-release sprays to control spiders, as these devices are not effective in eliminating infestations.