How Do You Get Rid of Spiders?


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To get rid of spiders in your home, clean thoroughly, seal up all holes and cracks that lead to the outside of the house, spray with a spider insecticide and set spider traps. If you are dealing with a severe spider infestation, it is best to contact a professional exterminator, according to Pest Kill.

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To rid your home of an active spider infestation, spray all areas that you see spiders or spider webs with a spider insecticide. Demand WP, Demand CS, Talstar P and Tri-Die are pesticides that are known to be effective against spiders. Aerosol foggers can be used to kill unseen spiders. Set glue board spider traps in common problem areas such as the garage, kitchen, basement and bathroom.

Although spiders prefer to live outside, they do enter homes in search of food. To avoid attracting spiders, keep your house neat, tidy and free of food debris.

Spiders are capable of entering a house through the tiniest of openings. To prevent spider infestations, mend all openings to your home, repair any broken windows or screens and apply caulk around wires, faucets and cables.

Never attempt to remove a poisonous spider such as a black widow or a wolf spider. These spiders are potentially lethal and should only be handled by spider experts.

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