How Do You Get Rid of Soap Suds in the Dishwasher?

rid-soap-suds-dishwasher Credit: grahamb/CC-BY-2.0

To get rid of soapsuds in the dishwasher, cancel the cycle to allow the machine to drain, and unpack the dishes once it's safe to do so. Pull out the bottom drawer, pour table salt on the suds, and run a quick-rinse cycle.

Place towels on the floor in front of and under the door of the dishwasher to mop up spills. If the appliance still overflows with suds after a liberal application of table salt, repeat the process. Once the machine stops overflowing, tip a tray of ice cubes into the remaining suds. Allow the ice to melt, and drain the machine. Repeat this process until the suds are gone. Using regular dish soap or too much detergent causes suds to form.