How Do You Get Rid of the Smoke Smell in a House?


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Remove the smell of smoke from your house by running an air purifier for several days, washing the walls and vacuuming and deodorizing the carpet. Avoid breathing in the fumes by staying somewhere else for a couple of days.

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How Do You Get Rid of the Smoke Smell in a House?
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  1. Gather your supplies

    Get some baking soda, citrus oil, a spray bottle, an essential oil diffuser and the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. Use rags, a bucket, all-purpose cleaner and white vinegar to clean the walls.

  2. Deodorize the carpet

    Vacuum the carpet and sprinkle baking soda all over. Leave it on the carpet overnight. Vacuum the carpet again in the morning. Place 30 drops of citrus oil in a spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Lightly spray the carpet with the mixture. If the smell persists, repeat this step with a thicker coating of baking soda. Place about 15 drops of citrus oil in a diffuser and fill it with water. Turn on the diffuser and keep it running until the water evaporates.

  3. Wash and deodorize the walls

    Spray some all-purpose cleaner on a rag and wipe down the walls. Create a half-and-half mixture of white vinegar and water in a bucket. Wipe down the walls again with clean rags.

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