How Do You Get Rid of Small Black Bettles in Your Home?


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Get rid of small black beetles in the home by first thoroughly cleaning any fabrics and removing all sources of lint, hair and dust. Place seriously infested items into storage, and apply boric acid in attics and basements. Only use pesticides if safer methods of control fail to remove the infestation. Most small black beetles found in homes are black carpet beetles, which feed on hair, dead skin and dry vegetable fibers in both their adult and larval stages.

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For most household pests, limiting access to foodstuffs is usually sufficient for controlling an infestation; however, because black carpet beetles can eat such a large variety of household items, they are very difficult to control this way. Thoroughly cleaning fabrics not only removes any adult beetles living on the fabrics, and it also removes or kills larvae and eggs before they grow into adults.

Because small black beetles can live inside household items like mattresses and upholstered furniture, these items must be placed into storage or disposed of in order to fully remove an infestation. While in storage, treat items with mothballs or repellents formulated specifically for repelling black carpet beetles.

Black carpet beetles also live in attics and basements, where they feed on stored fabrics, paper and other debris. Applying boric acid in these areas kills the beetles without posing a chemical hazard to humans and pets. Using boric acid around fabrics requires caution, as the substance bleaches dyed fabrics after extended contact.

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