How Do You Get Rid of Small Ants?

How Do You Get Rid of Small Ants?

How Do You Get Rid of Small Ants?

Get rid of small ants by preparing liquid bait stations and placing these stations in areas where the ants are commonly seen. You need liquid bait and a few small squares of cardboard. The amount of time it takes to get rid of the ants depends on how long it takes them to find the bait and carry it back to the nest.

  1. Purchase a liquid bait

    Liquid baits are more efficient than sprays since the ants ingest the liquid bait. Sprays may accidentally get on surrounding plants or animals and cause unintentional damage. Liquid bait is taken back to the nest and shared with the other ants, destroying the ants at their source. Sprays only kill the ants that are in the immediate vicinity.

  2. Prepare the liquid bait

    Open the box, and take out the bottle of liquid bait. Tear a few squares off the box, and place a few drops of the bait on the cardboard.

  3. Place the bait in a good location

    Place several of the bait stations in areas where ants have been seen. Place them directly in their path if possible. Ants come to the bait and eat it, carrying some back to the other ants in the nest.