How Do You Get Rid of Slugs?


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To get rid of slugs, eliminate their shelters, pull them off plants, and add natural and commercial barriers around the garden. Slugs come out at night, and their presence is indicated by plant damage and slimy trails.

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  1. Eliminate hiding spots

    Slugs seek out ground-level shelter near their favorite vegetation. Remove large leaves or ivy growing near the ground, and keep garden beds free of debris and stones where slugs can hide.

  2. Handpick the slugs off plants

    If an area is particularly infested, water the plants in the late afternoon to draw out the slugs. Return to the area after dark, and use a flashlight to locate the slugs. Wear rubber gloves, and pick slugs off the plants by hand. Place them in a plastic bag and discard, or drown them in soapy water. After the infestation is under control, continue to look for and remove slugs on a weekly basis.

  3. Add slug-resistant plants

    Slug-resistant plants include begonias, geraniums, impatiens, nasturtiums and poppies. Place these plants among the herbs and vegetables that attract slugs to create a natural barrier.

  4. Add commercial barriers

    Copper barriers react with slug secretions to repel the slugs. Add copper foil or copper screens around garden beds and tree trunks to create a physical barrier.

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