How Do You Get Rid of a Skunk Living Under Your House?


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To get rid of a skunk that is living under a house, obtain cage traps that are large enough for raccoons. Place traps under the house or next to the holes that skunks use to enter. Use marshmallows as bait, and secure traps in the shade to stay firmly on the ground. Once you catch a skunk, release it at least 10 miles from the house. If that doesn't help, place an exclusion barrier around the house.

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To keep skunks away from your house, place some lights in the yard, and keep them on at night. Skunks prefer dark locations, so they are less likely to build a nest in a well-lit garden. Sealing holes in the basement, under the house, in decks and in the yard is an effective way of keeping skunks away, as they usually create nests in places like that. Seal the holes with solid-metal flash wire and quarter-inch screening.

In addition, get rid of everything in your yard that might attract skunks and other pests. This includes pet food, garbage, water bowls, vegetables and fruits. Another way to keep skunks away is by placing motion-activated sprinkles next to the locations they might be attracted to. A benefit of this method is that sprinklers are very effective and harmless to animals. You can also use special skunk repellents to keep skunks away, but make sure that these repellents are not going to harm your pets or children.

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