How Do You Get Rid of Sewer Roaches?

To get rid of sewer roaches, give the house a thorough cleaning, set contained bait traps, and surround the nest with boric acid. Getting rid of sewer roaches can be difficult, so contact a professional for persistent infestations.

  1. Clean the house

    Make the house undesirable to sewer roaches. Thoroughly clean your entire home, especially the kitchen. Move the fridge, oven and any other large appliance away from the wall, and disinfect the floor. Get rid of any potential hiding places, and put any open food in sealed storage containers.

  2. Set bait traps

    Bait traps containing insecticides are the most effective treatment for sewer roaches because the roaches bring the poisoned bait back to the nest to share. Commercial bait traps have covers that keep the poison contained safely, but always follow the directions, and keep the traps out of reach of pets and children.

  3. Surround the nest with boric acid

    Spread a thin layer of boric acid near the roaches' nest. When the roaches travel over the powder, it poisons them. A more natural option is to use a mix of sugar and baking soda.

  4. Contact an exterminator

    Some sewer roach infestations require powerful chemical treatments. Hire a pest control specialist if the roach problem persists.