What Are Some Tips for Getting Rid of Sewer Flies?

To get rid of drain or sewer flies can entail identifying and eliminating their breeding sites and then using insecticidal products to kill adult flies. An infestation of sewer flies occurs in areas, which are called breeding sites.

To eliminate a drain fly infestation in a home, it can be a simple procedure with these simple tips.

  1. Identify drain fly breeding sites around a home
  2. Check areas where these insects can have breeding sites, such as bathroom drains, toilets, floor drains, outdoor septic lines or near air conditioning condensate lines. Drain flies congregate and lay eggs in these areas because there is moisture and organic matter like sewage. An infestation can happen quickly because drain flies can lay egg masses that contain up to 100 eggs, which can take up to two day to thatch.

  3. Clean any breeding sites thoroughly
  4. Eliminate any moisture or waste matter by cleaning out clogged drains, pipes and toilets of any organic material. Drain cleaners are an option for cleaning up and organic waste. Fix any leaky pipes to avoid moisture problems that attract these pests. When these areas are clean, it prevents adult flies from laying any eggs.

  5. Eliminate any remaining adult flies
  6. Drain flies can live for about 20 days. To get rid of any lingering flies or there was an infestation, then an insecticide may be utilized to control them. A severe or major infestation may require fumigation by a professional pest control service.