How Do You Get Rid of Scorpions?


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To get rid of scorpions, it is necessary to remove any debris that may provide the pests with shelter. Commercial pesticides and manual capture of the scorpions can help eliminate them from the property.

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Firewood and building materials should be stored off the ground whenever possible. If scorpions are entering the home, keep all materials, such as stones and mulch, away from the foundation. Mowing the lawn frequently and removing lawn debris, such as dead leaves, helps to eliminate areas where scorpions like to hide

It may be necessary to make some repairs around the home to eliminate scorpions. For instance, homeowners can install weather stripping around windows and doors or seal cracks or crevices with caulking to prevent scorpions from entering the home. Scorpion barrier tape can also be applied to the affected areas of the home. The tape should be replaced every three weeks to maintain its effectiveness.

Scorpions are often located in cool, dark locations and in cracks or crevices found along the foundation of the home. Some experts recommend manually removing scorpions that are hiding in these locations. Search for scorpions at night using a black light, and use a scorpion bug grabber to capture them. Pesticides can also be used to control scorpion populations, but may not be as effective as manually capturing the pests. Use the appropriate pesticide according to the directions on the product packaging.

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