How Do I Get Rid of Sand Fleas?

Use diatomaceous earth to kill sand fleas in the home, yard or garden. This naturally occurring compound dries out the sand fleas and kills them within a few days. Apply food-grade diatomaceous earth in infested areas as a safe alternative to chemical pesticides.

  1. Apply diatomaceous earth in dry areas

    Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on dry sand and dirt, as it does not work as effectively in moist areas. For indoor fleas, apply a bit of diatomaceous earth on the carpets, and let it stand for 24 hours. Apply it overnight to prevent lifting the earth from the carpet as you walk.

  2. Vacuum the area

    In outdoor areas, let the diatomaceous earth blend in with the dirt, where it can continue to work. Indoors, use a vacuum to remove the diatomaceous earth from the carpet. Go over the area a few times to ensure you remove all the diatomaceous earth and fleas.

  3. Re-treat the area

    Apply diatomaceous earth to outdoor areas that continue to develop sand flea infestations. Indoors, sprinkle diatomaceous earth in corners, along walls and in other places where fleas can hide. Re-treat the entire carpet each night if the flea infestation persists, and vacuum the area to remove dead fleas and eggs.

Sand fleas are often believed to be related to the house flea. However, sand fleas are crustaceans, not insects. This means that they are part of the same family that lobsters, crabs and shrimp belong to. Just like the common house flea, a bite from a sand flea injects anti-coagulants into the victim, which allows the fleas to suck out the blood that they require to lay eggs. The bite from a sand flea is much more painful than a bite from a house flea.

Due to the bacteria that sand fleas carry with them, it is possible to develop a fever or catch a disease from sand flea bites. After being bitten by a sand flea, the victim should avoid the temptation to scratch because this increases the risk of the bite becoming infected or turning into a rash. Sand fleas often live in large groups, and they make a high-pitched whining sound. If the group is large enough, this sound can be heard by the average person.