How Do You Get Rid of Roaches Quickly?

Some ways to get rid of cockroaches quickly include exterminators, adhesive-based traps and poisonous roach baits. Exterminators can help to get rid of cockroaches quickly and permanently, as they may eradicate the nest. However, this method is relatively expensive. Adhesive-based traps attract cockroaches, and cockroaches stick to traps when they touch them; however, this method doesn't destroy the nest, so it's not permanent. Roach baits eradicate cockroaches efficiently and permanently, but the amount of time depends on the bait.

When getting rid of cockroaches, it is important to make sure that they don't appear again. To do that, get rid of all the sources of water for the cockroaches that might be in the house -- this primarily includes leaks. Thoroughly clean the house, making sure to get rid of any food remains, crumbs, spills and greasy areas. Don't leave food sitting out after meals, and always store it in airtight containers.

In addition, don't store fruit on the counter, and wash dishes immediately after meals. Mop the floor regularly to get rid of any potential cockroach food, but don't use too much water, as cockroaches need it to survive. Use a separate trash can with a lid for food remains, and take it out regularly, as it can be a good food source for cockroaches. In addition, make sure that the trash can in your yard closes properly.