How Do You Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator?


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To get rid of roaches, remove their food, water and shelter. The first step is to figure out where they are living in the house. Look for egg sacs, droppings and exoskeletons. If they are usually found in one specific area, their home is probably nearby.

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It's important to get rid of any clutter, such as boxes, newspapers, bags and any other potential hiding spots. Paper products are especially attractive to roaches. Place any open food items into sealed containers. Clean any dirty appliances, and make sure to keep the infested room as clean as possible. Seek out any areas that collect water, and wipe up any liquid. Fill any potential areas that can collect water.

Setting up sticky traps is an effective way to find out where roaches congregate. There are also commercial roach traps that attract roaches and trap them. Another method is to place a jar of water against the wall. This simple trap works because roaches can get in but can't escape.

You can also use insecticides to kill roaches if taking away their food, water and shelter doesn't work. It's very important to only use insecticides as a last resort because they kill all bugs in the area. Insecticides are also harmful to pets and children.

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