How Do You Get Rid of Ravens?

Removing items that are attractive to ravens, such as gardens or bird feeders, and using decoys and other deterrents are recommended methods of eliminating them. Ravens can be very hard to remove when living in a tree on the property, particularly if young ravens are living in the tree.

Ravens may rummage through compost or garbage to find food. Use a garbage bin with a tight lid, and cover compost bins to prevent the birds from reaching the food inside. If the ravens are eating from bird feeders, replace the feeders with an option specifically designed for smaller birds to prevent the ravens from using the feeder. Gardens can be covered with a fine mesh and surrounded by fencing to prevent pests from eating produce, and decoys can be placed strategically around the property to encourage the ravens to move.

The Humane Society recommends hanging fake dead crows around the property to encourage the live crows to move. Hang the fake ravens in areas where the birds are roosting and around gardens and trash bins. The fake ravens may be used along with recordings of raven distress calls to ensure the birds feel threatened in their environment. Ravens may also be frightened away from the property with deterrents such as bothersome lights and loud noises.