How Do You Get Rid of Rats in Your Attic?

To get rid of rats in your attic, identify the spots where the pests enter the area, track their runways, and use snap traps with a suitable bait to catch the rats. To prevent further entry, seal all cracks and small openings in the home, clean the yard, and trim the bushes.

Normally, rats enter the attic via the windows, utility inlet and outlet lines, roofs, threshold of doors and downspouts. Check all these areas, and note the presence of fur smudges and rat droppings to identify the entry way. Also, sprinkle baby powder without perfume on the areas where rats gather to identify their runways.

Place snap traps in those areas where rats gather frequently. Leave snap traps unset for a week with a suitable bait, such as a piece of apple, cheese or some peanut butter, to make the pests comfortable with the devices. Next, connect the springs to the traps, place the same bait within, and affix the traps to the attic using duct tape.

If the rat is caught is dead, wear gloves to pick it up. Put the carcass and the trap in a garbage bag, and dispose. If the rat caught is alive, put a plastic bag over its head, close the mouth of the bag tightly, wait for the animal to stop moving, and place the carcass in the bag for disposal.

Use a metal mesh to seal small cracks or openings in the doors, foundation, walls and windows of the home. Keep the lids of garbage receptacles tightly closed. Do not leave food material in the yard, and trim the bushes to discourage rats from entering the area.