How do you get rid of rats?


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One of the most effective ways to get rid of rats is to set snap traps. It's important to use snap traps that are made specifically for rat control as smaller traps may not kill the rat humanely. Set the traps in discreet areas in which rats or their activities have been observed. Inspect traps regularly as bait and dead rats can attract an insect infestation.

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Live traps are another effective option for catching and disposing of rats if the user prefers not to kill the animal. Live traps are designed to allow the rat to enter but not exit. After the rat is trapped, it can be killed humanely or released far away from residential or commercial areas.

Rodenticides, poison pesticides formulated for rats and mice, are another option for getting rid of rats. Because rat poison can be very dangerous, it's important to secure it away from small children and pets. Pest control specialists can be very helpful as they are trained to use rodenticides properly and effectively, and they often have access to rodenticides that aren't available to the general public. Contact a professional if a rat infestation cannot be managed using snap traps, live traps, or rodenticides.

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