How do you get rid of raccoons?


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To eliminate raccoons, remove food and water sources that attract the animals, and install barriers in the home and on the property as needed. Trapping is typically recommended to remove live animals already living in or around the home. The process of removing raccoons may require several weeks.

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  1. Remove food sources

    Keep garbage in a protected area, such as the garage, and keep pet food and water bowls indoors. Protect other food sources, such as gardens, with fencing.

  2. Install barriers

    Raccoons living inside the home must be eliminated before closing entrances. Trap the raccoons living in the home, and close entrances to attics and crawlspaces. A raccoon-proof chimney cap prevents the animals from entering the home through the chimney. Install metal fencing around gardens or other pest-prone areas. To prevent the raccoons from entering the area, add a strand of electric wire 8 inches above ground level and another strand 8 inches above the top of the fence.

  3. Relocate trapped raccoons

    Euthanize trapped raccoons, or relocate them to another area. Refer to local regulations concerning the relocation of trapped animals before releasing animals into the wild. If baby raccoons are present, release the young at the same time and place as the mother. Check traps daily.

The Old Farmer's Almanac suggests placing a radio tuned to rock music in the area where raccoons have been seen, turning up the volume and leaving it out all night to scare away raccoons. Bright lights, pinwheels and streamers all tend to frighten away the animals, as does the presence of human or canine hair. Some people plant prickly squash vines to ward off raccoons, as the creatures do not like walking on them.

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